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I don’t know what to do. I don’t think that I’m a good father if I’m going to become one. I panicked after she told me the news. It was all my fault; I was not carefully at all. Sophia cried heavily when we talked about her being pregnant. She is a great woman, but we still do not know a lot about each other. She and I meet a few times. Sophia did not know what to do as well. Sophia sneak just meet at a friend’s party and got drunk and slept together. After that, we never indeed contacted each other because we are very busy with our lives.

Even though Sophia is a lovely lady, finding know if I can handle a woman like her. She is also not the kind of woman I like to go out with, but I have no choice now. I want to tell her to have an abortion but I could not do it. Sophia was afraid of her parents, she just recently finished her education and having a baby would surely make her parents crazy. I feel terrible about what I did to her. Thankfully Sophia did not blame me for what had happened even though it was all my fault. We talked a lot and planed on what are we going to do about our baby.

In the end, we decided that we will keep the kid and help each other to raise her. I told her that we will face together whatever problems may occur in the past. Even though we are not a couple and don’t have plans for being together, we still want a bright future for our baby. Having a baby also fueled me to work harder. It inspired me to be a better man and act responsibly from now on. I was lucky because the mother of my child is Sophia and I know that she is a great person with a good heart. I’m sure that we can overcome whatever problems we might face in the future.

But there are still things to be resolved. Sophia wanted me to accompany her. She wanted me to explain to her family what had happened to us. I was stunned at first. I was afraid that igneous not go well. Our situation is very complicated, and I doubt that her parents would understand. It stressed me out a lot, so I booked a Guilford escort first. Booking a Guilford escort from is a great way for me to get ready. Guilford escorts help me calm down. After I booked them, I am prepared to face her parents.